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Shanghai Campus
Minhang Campus:
Room 316, No. 569, Yunle Road(Opposite to SAS in Puxi Campus)
Tel: 021-54293727
Gubei Campus:
Room 1001, No. 37, Shuicheng South Road (Near to Carrefour in Gubei)
Tel: 021-52751307
Pudong Campus:
Room 1708, No. 58, Changliu Road (Next to Lilacs International Commercial centre)
Tel: 021-58389173
Beijing Campus
Shunyi Campus:
Room 210-211, C Zone, Yosemite (Opposite to Shunyi International School)
Tel: 010-80464330
Other Campus:
Guantang Campus, WandaCBD Campus, Wangjiang Campus, Xizhimen Campus
Tel: 13585647699
Overseas Campus
Coming soon...
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